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Mesa de massagem


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relaxing massage

It is most people's favorite massage. It aims to relax the muscles through slow and deep maneuvers, in addition to relieving accumulated stress and tension.


therapeutic massage

Lymphatic drainage consists of stimulating the lymphatic system to work more quickly. A massage that eliminates swelling, helps combat cellulite, lose weight and lose belly fat.

Hot rocks

Hot stone massage

As they slide over the body, the stones release heat, which penetrates deeply into the muscles, also acting on internal organs, the lymphatic system and blood circulation.


Pressure points

Chinese technique, in practice, Shiatsu uses finger pressure on energy points on the body. Following the path of the flow of vital energy, balancing and dissolving blockages.

Bamboo Therapy

Bamboo Massage

The massage technique made with bamboo originates from France. It is made with bamboo of different sizes and in addition to relaxing or awakening energy, it also promotes lymphatic drainage, toning and shaping the body.


modeling massage

In the fight to achieve good shape and show off a beautiful body, modeling massage is a way to eliminate localized fat and reduce measurements.


leg sports massage

Unlike a relaxation massage, sports massage is a great tool to prepare and recover muscles for those who practice physical exercise or for those who like a more vigorous massage.

Four hands

4 hands massage

Therapy carried out by two masseuses who work simultaneously and in two ways: one masseuse starts with the head and the other with the feet, or the two work symmetrically.



Feet support the body, which is why they deserve great care. This treatment consists of three procedures: Foot cleaning and exfoliation and reflexology.

Myofascial Release

myofascial release

Prevents injuries and relieves muscle pain. The method is used with the hands, pressing specific points on the body in order to release the fibrous tissue that covers the muscles, called fascia.

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